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01/29/2019, 5:00pm EST
By Mike Ross

You’re in the city of Boston. You get in your car, hop on I-93 and head south. Drive for about 20 minutes and BOOM you’ll find yourself in Weymouth, MA. Weymouth is a very special place because it’s where this week’s Senior Spotlight subject, Seminole Sharks’ star forward Colin Saar was born! “I was born in Weymouth in 2001, but then my family and I moved to Rochester, New Hampshire in 2003 and from there we bounced around a couple times. We lived in Bangor, Maine and other parts of New Hampshire. You could say I have pretty much conquered New England. In the summer of 2006, we headed south and planted our roots here in Florida. What’s funny is that you would think that after living up north for all those years that I would have learned to skate up there but when I was five years old, I got on the ice for the first time at the Ice Sports Forum in Brandon.”

The Seminole Shark’s senior attends North East High School in St. Petersburg. I interviewed him right at the start of the semester so he didn’t have any grades to share with us but he hopes to piggyback off his success from the fall semester. “I guess you could say I have all A’s right now because we just started school, but I finished really strong, I got all A’s on my exams.” As for his plans for next year, Colin has a very unique plan. “For next year I am for sure taking a year off. With a combination of hockey and school, I haven’t really had the time nor the opportunity to get a job, so for next year I am going to continue playing hockey and at the same time, replace school with work. In my year off I plan on traveling with friends and take a nice, long trip to Europe. Use that time to grow as well as mature as a person and gain some life skills that I will use down the road. I do intend to attend college but as of right now, I genuinely need a break from school. I am burnt out from it and I don’t want to find myself starting something and dropping it from exhaustion.”

Being only a few years removed from college myself, I can’t begin to tell you how many classmates I had and knew that started and dropped out of college from being either unprepared or overworked or a combination of the two. As far as what the senior forward wants to do when he does enroll, he’s got it all planned out. “My goal is to study Automotive Aerodynamics. It’s funny, my dream car is a Subaru RBZ and when I was younger, I fell in love with the car. One day I found myself in an online forum for that car and I have been hooked ever since. I’ve looked into other majors but no matter what, I always come back to cars and automotive. Recently I have really been interested in the aerodynamics of the vehicles so if I had my way, I would want to design the aerodynamic features for race cars.”

At a young age, Colin was forced to make a somewhat difficult decision in regard to his athletics, but I think he and we here at the LHSHL think he made the right call. “When I was a little kid I was playing both baseball and hockey at pretty much the same time.

There were several instances where I was at the end of a baseball game and had to make a dash to the rink because I had a game or practice. So my dad, who was born in California but moved to Buffalo and played hockey his whole life wanted me to make a decision on which sport I wanted to pursue more. I picked hockey and I think It has been on the best choices I have ever made.”


As we know, the graduating class of 2019 will be the first group of seniors to have participated in all four years of high school in the LHSHL, but for this Seminole senior, technically this is his fifth. “When I was in eighth grade and I was playing travel hockey, I knew in advanced that I… was going to be a Shark for the next four years! So, what I did was hang out with the team as much as possible and get to know everyone my eighth-grade year so when the next year came around, I knew the coaches and I knew the players.

In my five years in the league, things have gotten so much more organized than back in my eighth-grade year. Nobody knew what times the games were. You would show up at six, for a seven o’clock game and didn’t find out until you got to the rink that the game was actually at nine. One of the biggest changes is that every year we find out who is going to be good. There aren’t just one or two teams that are going to beat everyone. It is by far a more competitive now.”

          Colin is a great kid. He was a supporter and a fan of the Lightning High School Hockey League before he was an actual player in it That’s something you just love to see.  He will move on to bigger and better things in the years to come but throughout our interview, he raved about the young talent on his Seminole Sharks team and he is beyond excited for those young Shark’s players. He expressed interest several times that he can see himself in the near future registering with USA Hockey and getting his coaching certificate so he can come back to coach this team!

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