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01/08/2019, 9:00am EST

Folks, this week on Senior Spotlight we have Berkeley forward and CAPTAIN Marcus Rose. But before we get into the interview, let’s hop in the LHSHL time machine and travel back to November 20th, 2018. Yours truly is at Tampa Bay Skating Academy and we’ve got Seminole taking on Berkeley. It is Berkley’s last game before  Thanksgiving. Seminole jumps out to a two-goal lead in the first. Berkeley was able to get one back in the second so hold on tight because we are headed to the third period and as everyone knows, legends are made in the third period. On a breakaway with seven minutes into the period, Marcus makes a move and BOOM tie game. Exactly two minutes later the Sharks take the lead 3-2 but it doesn’t matter because Captain Marcus Rose was not about to head into Thanksgiving dinner with a loss on his mind. With a minute left in the game, the man in the red fedora, Head Coach, Bernie Skerkowsi pulls Marcus’ brother, Spencer from the net and


….you know what? This isn’t my story to tell.

“Here’s what happened. There’s like a minute left.  Coach pulls my brother. We’re playing 6-on-5. Honestly, I didn’t think we were going to score. Things had not been going our way all game, so I just did what I have been told and taught to do all my life in this scenario, get down low and stick your butt right in the goalie’s face so he is screened and literally cannot see anything and just don’t let the D move you. So you realize very quickly that this is either going to work out well or one of their players is just going to come by and wreck me to get me out of the way. So, after a faceoff in their zone. One of our players blasts a shot from the point. The rebound finds its way towards me. The goalie tries to cover it up, but I am just standing there digging at it. I know to play to the whistle, the ref never blows it and all of a sudden it comes loose, and I smash it home with .7 seconds left on the clock. It is easily one of my happiest moments ever playing hockey.” Ladies and gentlemen when the time comes to look back at the entire season. I will put this game at the top of my list. In that last minute you could hear a pin drop and when Marcus found the back of the net, the whole place erupted.

Now let’s move on to the good stuff which is our in-depth look at Berkley’s own, Marcus Rose who as we’re about to find out, wasn’t always a hockey player. “So, I started skating when I was seven years old. Growing up I tried soccer, I tried baseball, and I pretty much tried every sport before I gave hockey a try and every sport before hockey didn’t feel like a good fit for me but once I started skating and playing hockey it turned into a passion.”

Born and raised in Clearwater, FL. the senior forward has attended Berkley Preparatory School for almost a decade. However after his freshman year of high school, he decided to head north for two years.

“I’ve been at Berkeley since fourth grade, but I went to St. Georges School. A boarding school in Rhode Island for tenth and eleventh grade. My goal in going up to school up there was to put myself in a position to compete and play division one hockey but once I saw how rigorous it was to play at that level of hockey, I wanted to come back and really focus on my academics.

As far as what I want to do when I go to college, I’m hoping to go into computer science and economics. I’d like to dual major. Computer science because when I was in ninth grade when my really good friends introduced me to coding and the world of coding. Computer science pretty much had the same effect on me as hockey did because once I got into it, I was hooked on it. Growing up I knew I wanted to be an engineer but never knew how to go about doing that, so once I learned what coding was, I knew that was the route I was going to take to become an engineer.”


Marcus has had an interesting journey throughout high school and playing in the LHSHL. His freshman year his Berkley side was unable to capture a victory and then you fast forward to now, his senior year where the Berkeley Buccaneers have come away with not one but four victories on the season and honestly, I’d have to say that a lot of that is attributed to Marcus. This is what Head coach Bernie Skerkowsi had to say about his captain, “Coaching Marcus has been quite an easy task but has also been a real pleasure. From the time Marcus comes to the rink you can sense his enthusiasm for the game. Always quick with a smile and his love for the game transcends to the rest of his teammates. When choosing a captain for the team this year - Marcus was the clear choice. Many teams pick the "best" player but in our teams’ case, we wanted the most knowledgeable player of the game of hockey. He shoulders the captain’s position with his typical hard work ethic and leads the Ice Bucs to the most successful season ever. Always willing to demonstrate drills, offer advice to the younger players, or just display a "never give up" attitude and he has made his fellow teammates better as well.”

We here at the league wish Marcus the best with his future endeavors. He is a gentleman and someone every coach wishes to have in their locker room. 

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