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12/11/2018, 2:45pm EST
By Mike Ross

On this week’s Senior Spotlight, we have Freedom Patriot, Vincent Margosian.

Vincent is a Florida boy! Born and raised in Tampa. He resides with his mom and dad and It just so happens, when I interviewed our subject it was a very special time for, he and his family, “My brother is home right now, he is in the Marine Corps. He’ll go back to Bolivia once he leaves here. He’s an embassy guard. Before Bolivia, he was in Paris and before that he was in Hawaii. He tends to deal with riots and those situations.” Since we are on the topic of family... Did you know that Vincent isn’t the only Margosian to play for the Freedom Patriots? That’s right. The same brother we just mentioned played for the red, white, and blue before he defended the red, white, and blue! “My brother played for Freedom, he never played travel, but he played high school. I am the last of the legacy at Freedom. I actually wore his old jersey in last week’s game.”

Before we get into Vincent the hockey player, let’s take a trip back to where it all began. “I started learning to roller skate at around two years old. My dad taught both my brother and me when we were two. I started to mess around and take it more seriously at three years old and began to play at four. I only played roller until I was ten. Never played ice until I was ten and then after that, I never went back to roller.” We all know Vincent as the six-foot-five defender who has been destroying the hopes and dreams of forwards for years, but he wasn’t always that way. “I was a forward my whole life!

I was a goal scorer, I scored a lot of goals. I was always playing up, I was 6 years old playing with 12-year old’s and 7 playing with 14-year old’s in roller. I would get the scoring title too! When I shot up around the end of middle school, I was just too big to play forward so I became a D.”

As for what will happen to the Freedom defender next year, he is in the midst of applying to colleges in the rare chance he doesn’t play hockey at the next level. “I’m applying to college, but I may play U-18AAA. I don’t know where yet but there is also the option of playing in the NAPHL or the NAHL. 

Last year I had a team approach me after a tournament, but it just didn’t work out, I had too much going on at that point and I couldn’t make their camp.”

In a dream scenario, this is how it would all work out for Vincent. “Play U18 next year, do well. Hopefully move up and play juniors again the following year in a better league. End out or age out of juniors and go to college after that. Preferably, a Division-1 school. A couple guys on our team last year at a tournament in St. Louis were approached by a D1 school in Pennsylvania.” When it comes time to pick a concentration in college, Vincent knows exactly what he wants to do. “Sports medicine, they travel with the team, they are a part of the team. It seems like a cool gig and at the same time, I applied to a school where the only sports-related field was sports management. That interests me as well!”

Folks, Vincent eats, sleeps, and drinks hockey. As we know, he plays for our Freedom Patriots, he is on Tampa Bay Juniors and he is a member of the Elite Development Program. Let me give you a quick run-down of what his week looks like.


Monday: Off. “I always make sure I have Monday’s off.”


Tuesday: Speedskate. “This is our most intense skate. It’s mainly for conditioning purposes and then well have a stretching session off-ice with a core workout-built in.”


Wednesday: Running.” So, we’ll go on the track at Wesley Chapel and do like 20 sprints, all with varying lengths. As a team, we split up into two groups. One group is doing more running and conditioning based drills while the other is doing more plyometric based drills and at the end, we will all work out shooting and stick handling.”


Thursday: Team skate. “Very general team skate based. We work on 1-on-1’s, 2-on-1’s, and 3-on-2’s. We’ll work on the power play and kill”


Friday: LHSHL games and sometimes practice.


Saturday and Sunday: Games. “We play every Saturday and Sunday. One home and one away. Keep in mind these are long, 20 minute periods. Some games last as long as three hours. I am gassed after the weekend. That’s why Monday’s are my off day.”


As you can see, this man has a very full plate. When he is not on the ice or practicing you can catch simply playing PlayStation, relaxing, going to Top Golf with his buddies or watching some hockey. He is a big fan of Drew Doughty. “I wish I could be Drew Doughty, he’s really good.” Like every player in this league and just about everywhere in life we have people that without having them in our lives, we wouldn’t be anywhere. “My dad is my biggest fan, he comes to everything, and he really believes in me. I owe him a lot!”

I enjoyed my time with Vincent and was glad he could fit me into his very busy schedule. He is a gentleman and we here at the LHSHL are looking forward to seeing what the next chapter of his life has in store for him whether its hockey, being a student, or if his dream scenario comes true, a combination of the two. We know either way Vincent will be successful.

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