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Team Tampa Bay opens Chowder Cup with 5-5 tie

07/13/2018, 5:15pm EDT
By Mike Ross


            Team Tampa traveled to the city of Boston to compete in the 2018 Chowder Cup this week. Tampa kicked off their first game of the tournament vs. Roc City Elite at the Foxboro Sports Center on Thursday, July 11, 2018.

                        Tampa came out the gate with fire in their eyes. They won the opening draw and carried the games early momentum. However the momentum would be short lived as ERIC THOMPSON would concede an interference penalty 1:28 in to the contest leading to the first of what would be many penalty kill scenarios. Tampa did all they could to fend off the Roc City attack but towards the end of the penalty, Tampa would surrender the first goal of the game. THOMPSON came out of the box and had clear signs energy. You could tell he wanted that penalty back from his body language. Only minutes later Tampa found themselves in the same situation back on the kill for the second time and unfortunately the puck trickled in again. With only a few shots on net on several trips in the offensive zone something needed to change. Roc City managed to add another goal before the end of the first. As the first of 2 halves came to a close on game one, Tampa found themselves in a 3-0 hole with 25 minutes to play.   


Regardless of the score, Tampa showed signs of dominancy in the first period. Although he let in three goals, DANIEL McCARTHY without a doubt kept the team in the game. When head coach Adam Hall came out for the second and final period of the game he said, “We need to adjust better on the fly, we really need to dig while we fight for loose pucks. Those 50-50 pucks need to be ours, we need to find our consistency and stay consistent.” Tampa defiantly finished the period stronger than they started.  


Much like most of the first period, Team Tampa started the final period short handed. Trust me when I tell you that a different team came out of that locker room. They came out swinging and it paid off. When Tampa got back to full strength the defense forced a turnover and took full advantage of the opportunity, stringing together a mix of passes that left the Roc City defense, defenseless. ANDREW MIRANDA received an absolute beauty of a pass and buried the puck. He opened the scoring for Team Tampa (3-1 Roc City). Conceding another penalty led to Roc City’s next goal. But this team didn’t let another goal phase them, they bounced right back by scoring with their next opportunity, and again right after that. (4-3 Roc City). Tampa allowed another goal but that’s fine (5-3) being down two goals again was nothing for this team. Forget the fact they didn’t get into their hotel rooms until 3:00AM the night before, forget the fact they were down 3-0. They fought. With only minutes left in the game Tampa had full control of the puck in the offensive zone, put a flurry of shots on net and ultimately getting the fourth goal on the board. Coach Hall swiftly took a timeout to bring the team together to prepare them for the last minute of the game. Down one with an empty net, Tampa knew they had one last chance and folks I hope you are sitting down because they scored. They tied the game with fifteen seconds left and that was that.

Make sure to tune in tonight for Team Tampa’s second game against the Boston Knights at 8:00PM by following the LHSHL twitter account  @TBLHSHL



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