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Freshman Focus: Camdyn Batts

By Joey Lentz, 05/28/20, 3:15PM EDT


Camdyn Batts is Palm Harbor's newest investment for the future. Fresh out of his first year attending Countryside High and playing for the Hurricanes, I had a chance to talk with him and see what he thought about his experiences through one full regular season and a playoff run that ended much sooner than he and the team alike would have wished.

Camdyn first became interested in hockey at a young age when his father was coaching a travel team. At this point, he's been playing for 9 years and worn his fair share of jerseys. He started playing at TBSA's mite level house league before joining the Junior Lighting for 3 seasons and eventually moving onto dressing for the Scorpions for 3 seasons. He's a left handed  defenseman that found the back of the net and score sheet a few times this season, and he credits Warrior as his brand of choice and finds the Backstrom curve the best for his style of play when it comes to launching slapshots and stripping the opposing team of the puck at the blue line. He wears 57 and although I'm sure he can think of a funny metaphor on what the number means to him, the story for it is simple, "I wear 57 because when they went to print my original choice of 27, they ran out of 2's and decided next best was to flip the 2 upside down to make 57. It stuck with me ever since."  If he had to choose a way to kill time, he would choose beating anybody in Tampa Bay at NHL 20 and would be quick to celebrate with a few pierogis. 

Camdyn hit his goal of scoring at least once this season and says it's a good benchmark for anybody playing their first season, "It's tough to play against kids that are 3 years older than you, so just focus on becoming a better person and player on and off the ice."

Camdyn recognizes he has a journey in front of him, but is all about enjoying the ride, "Just enjoy playing and don't worry too much. We have a young team that I hope can compete for the cup in a couple of years. The locker room is a fun place, with a group of guys coming together working hard every game. Coaches are supportive trying to get the best out of us as players." I asked him about his goals after high school and he says that his dream would be to one day play some level of professional hockey or to eventually work for an NHL team, in the meantime, "I want to be a successful student athlete and have the honor to be assistant captain or captain of my team one day. Hopefully I will go on and play in college and get an education from University of Michigan when the time comes." 

He finished the interview by saying, "I am thankful for my family and the support they give me, along with my coaches and teammates. " I look forward to seeing the impact he makes on his team going into next season, and as Palm Harbor inevitably makes a playoff push in the years to come.