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Senior Spotlight: Jeremy Varna

By Mike Ross, 09/17/19, 2:45PM EDT


What’s up LHSHL Family!

Now that the Varsity season is underway it is time to bring back something that I take very seriously and love doing. Senior Spotlight. For those of you who are new to the league, each year one senior is chosen from each varsity team and that individual will sit down 1-on-1 with me and the end result will be an article written (to the best of my ability. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing but I am not JK Rowling or the guy who wrote the Game of Thrones books) and showcased to everyone in the league as well as whoever it is shared with.

First up, we have Jeremy Varna. An East Manatee Admiral and a student at Palmetto High School. Throughout his LHSHL career, he has developed from a 2-Way player to a full-on Varsity player who is looking to not only stand out this season but be a leader on his Admiral team. Jeremy has seen great success in his time with the LHSHL. Two seasons ago he and his teammates won the Lightning Cup when the lights shined brightest at Amalie Arena. But enough of me, let’s let him tell his story.

“I was born here. I’m a local boy. Born in Bradenton in 2002 but I was raised and have always lived in Palmetto. I was 3 years old when I learned how to skate in Ellenton, and at 4 years old I started playing hockey. I always play wing; whichever side doesn’t really matter. I played rec for most of my childhood, and then my first two seasons of high school I played two way. When I turned to junior year, I started playing for the U18 AA Flames."

We talk about it all the time. There is more to life than hockey. Jeremy is a student at Palmetto High School. This is a big year for him. Little does he or any of our seniors know, everything in life is about to change once they get their diploma and walk across that stage in the spring but first, the tough part, getting through senior year. “I just want to grind senior year out and get good grades. We’re a few weeks in right now but I know that after I graduate, I want to go to a community college for two years in state and then finish undergrad at a state university. I’m thinking of going into being an accountant and earning my CPA. But I do know that I want to stay in-state, I like UCF, FSU, and USF. My grades are pretty decent. I wouldn’t say that I am the world’s best student, but I’ve always got my GPA above 3.0. When I’m not in school I hang out with a friend. Nothing crazy, just chilling or sleeping over someone’s house. I play a decent amount of video games. Call of Duty, Fortnite, 2K, and NHL. Go Wings, baby.”

As for Jeremy the hockey player, he’s had a fairly special ride in high school. He’s grown and developed in the JV league, worked his way up to a 2-way player, and for the past two years has become a regular varsity player. He’s had the pleasure of being coached by his dad. He’s seen glory at Amalie Arena and just this past season, endured heartbreak but Jeremy has big plans for this year.

“I’m still trying to get the A on my team. I’m trying to prove to my coaches and teammates that I’m a leader. That would be a pretty big accomplishment for hockey because I’ve never gotten a letter before.”

Coach Eric Wessel had this to say about his senior, “Jeremy Varna in entering his Senior (4th season) and final season as a Manatee Admiral. Jeremy has always been a strong and positive member of the Admirals. His hustle and dedication to the team have made coaching him for 3 years a pleasure.  We are looking for big things from Jeremy in his Senior season and I know that he is ready to perform. Always with a smile at practice and game day, his teammates love him and his love for the game shows as he gives 100% effort on every shift.”





Jeremy is a fine young man. I’ve gotten to know him and his family well over the past year. I wish him nothing but the best this season and, in the years, to come!