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Lecavalier Division Preview

By MikeRoss, 08/09/19, 12:30PM EDT


Best time of the year. No questions asked. The LHSHL is back and we have set record numbers as far as registration goes. We are... and I kid you not... knocking on the door of 600 players. The average roster size has over 30 kids on their team compared to last year’s, which was in the low to mid 20's.


As always, we have a new group of freshmen and to you, I’d like to welcome you to the LHSHL and the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Steinbrenner may have won the cup and states last year, but the celebration tour is over. This is a new year and as we saw in the NHL, any team has a chance to win it all if you can get in the dance

Over the next week or two, I'll be looking into each team and division for the 19-20 season. 

Let's look into the Lecavalier Division first..


In 2018-2019, Plant played virtually .500 hockey. They finished first in the Lecavalier Division with 24 points which guaranteed them a first-round bye. At the end of the regular season, they were 6th in goals scored. They scored 89 goals on 594 shots led by a senior goal scorer so they are going to have to hope someone this year is able to carry the load and hang at least 30 points in the 19-20 campaign.  Last year Plant had 12.5% success rate on the PP. Not ideal but their PK was amongst the league leaders so, in theory, they made up for the lack of production on the advantage. Something to keep an eye out for is the most important thing to keep an eye out for. Troy Burkhart is gone. Someone has big shoes to fill in net this year. Plant's season was ended in a devastating fashion. Up 2-0 on Steinbrenner in the semi's. Squandered the lead and lost on the first shot in OT.


Considering how they started last season, Seminole had a good year. They only tallied a single win their first eight games. They struggled to put the puck in the back on the net by finishing near the bottom of the league in goals (75) and had some serious trouble staying out of the box. Third in the league in penalties is not something you look to do. Your back is against the wall every time you are down a man and you have to imagine that has to be a point of emphasis for the 19-20 season. but good news for the Sharks. Their leading goal/point scores are back. Jaden Reilley and Ryan Bahula had a near-identical season with JR just edging out Bahula by 1 point, 26. I expect both of these young men to have big years and will be pivotal in Seminole's success.  Last year their special teams` were the definition of the middle of the table. 14.1% conversion rate on the PP and 83.4% on the kill. but these are all things you and work on or teach. If the Sharks can fix this issue, they will be dangerous. 


I've said it before and I will say it again. Palm Harbor is the grittiest team in this league. They play hard and it is fun hockey to watch. they finished 8-13-1 and in this league, that gets you in the dance. The Hurricanes are returning 3 big players and their eading scorers. Zamba, Bis, and swiss army knife Santiago Barrios. One of the biggest issues PH ran into last year was the opening frame. in the first period, they were outscored 31-15. The beginning of every game is huge. It's like boxing, you either knock out your opponent in the first round or you figure them out and get a feel for the timing so you can beat them ( or draw haha) over the course of the bout. PH found themselves on the ropes more often than not in the 1st period all year. In order for them to make it back to the playoff's, they are going to have to figure out how as a team they can start games more efficiently to put themselves in a winning position. 


Do not sleep on Berkeley. I will not tolerate it. Sure..they went 4-15-3 last year but this team has the best chance to win a game any night of the week. They have the best goaltending tandem in the league and it is not up for debate. Heath Chancey and Spencer Rose are the stingiest goalies in this league. .900 SV% between the two of them. Berkeley won 4 games last year ON FOUR SHUT OUTS. These boys know how to put the team on their back and bad news for the rest of the league, you still have 2 years of them left. If you score on one of them. Grab the puck out of the net and put it in your bag because it will more than likely be the only one you get on them. Keep in mind they had the single best PK in the league last year. 1. because they are a well-disciplined team that doesn't commit unnecessary penalties and 2. because their coach wears a fedora. Captain, and senior, Marcus Rose is gone but I'm looking for the Horan brothers to pick up the load on offense. Something else you need to realize about Berkeley is their home games. They have fans. The student body comes out and makes TBSA a very uncomfortable place to play