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Inside the Medical Bag: Nicole Calhoun

By MikeRoss, 08/07/19, 9:15AM EDT


Happy Wednesday Everyone,


We are coming up on our second to last piece on our wonderful partners at John Hopkins All Children’s Hospital. This week we have Nicole Calhoun.


As always, before we get into the hard-hitting journalistic questions, let find out about her background and how she got here. “I moved down here for grad school. I worked in Pennsylvania for five years as an athletic trainer and a strength coach and then I got into UT to do grad school. I’m originally from Pennsylvania. I graduated with my bachelor’s from Lockhaven University up about thirty minutes North of Penn State.  but I have my master’s from the University of Tampa. When I was pretty young, I wanted to be a teacher, but as I grew older my passions changed and now, I’m a trainer!”

If you’ve followed along with us this spring/summer with the trainers from JHAC, a common thing is that these trainers don’t stop acquiring credentials and certifications after they get their bachelor’s degree. They keep going. I’m fairly confident in saying that all those trainers I’ve interviewed this summer have obtained their master’s degree which is a pretty big deal if you ask me. “After I got my master’s I became a licensed Athletic Trainer and I am also a Performance Enhancement Specialist. That’s basically me being a strength and conditioning coach, I just have it through a different organization.”

Nicole has been with JHAC since 2017, “Honestly getting hired by JHAC was by chance and it has been a great experience. I was just about finished with grad school and was applying for jobs and I saw the posting online and fast forward a few years and here we are!” And while on the topic of organizations, outside of working with the Lightning High School Hockey League, Nicole is also the head athletic trainer at Bradenton Christian School.

So far Nicole has one memorable moment that has really stuck with her while working an LHSHL game. “I was in the box when Berkeley broke their historic losing streak and that was a special game for sure. I’m glad I was there for that. My favorite part of my entire job is that I never have the same day twice. Every time is always different, and you never quite know what to expect. You never know what kids are going to do or what they’re going to say so there’s always something new, and it’s always fun.”

Obviously, all trainers have to, unfortunately, deal with injuries but from a preventive standpoint, she keys in on certain areas. “There’s a lot of advice I could give, but strength training is huge. Specifically, for hockey players, lateral movement is a must when it comes to properly train for the stress a game puts on your body. I see lacerations or different kinds of cuts a lot. It can be from a puck or a high stick or the occasional skate blade. I think I’ve bandaged up wounds more than I have anything else. For all injured players, definitely rest. Don’t use what’s hurt, but if that doesn’t help, then get a good physical therapist.”

What is the most used item in your medical bag?

“I use my Kinesio Tape a lot right now. It became really popular with the general public after the Rio Summer Olympics. I’m dealing with a lot of beach volleyball, baseball and softball right now, so there’s a lot of overuse injuries that the tape helps out with.”



What’s the worst injury that you’ve ever seen?

“I’ve seen a couple of ruptured Achilles in football, but a completely ruptured Hamstring from a girls soccer player was bad. The Hamstring completely detached, and it was instantly black and blue everywhere. It wasn’t pretty.”


Yikes… that was painful to type let alone hear out loud.


Hope y’all enjoyed learning more about Nicole and don’t be afraid to say hi at your next LHSHL event!