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E-D-P stands for Every Delay Possible

By M. Ross, 07/18/19, 11:30PM EDT


Actually, EDP stands for Elite Development Program.


Right now, and for the next five days we are currently in Boston, MA. The city that invented America. But yesterday was the absolute opposite of ideal concerning transportation via airplane. A few moments after Tom took off/got in the air.. the floodgates opened. One flight got delayed, then another, then another, got delayed again, and again. Then two flights got canceled. During dinner, Tommy G took off to go get the Samarki (Samarki = both Samarkos boys) with intentions of chilling hard at the airport and waiting for Tylus Williamson-Sah, safe to say that plan was derailed but we’ll get back to that in a moment because we had to send our EDP rookie, Sara Bustad aka Queen Sara aka Minnesota’s finest, to the state of Rhode Island to go pick up Tucker Tassone who flew into Providence which isn’t the end of the world but with a big tournament ahead of us, it’s the opposite of ideal. And of course, we save the best for last. Tylus spent roughly 17 hours in an airport yesterday which could be a world record but were still waiting on verification from Guinness.


At midnight, Tom still thought he could kill two birds with a single stone by picking up the Samarki and waiting the ALLEDGED* hour for Tylus to arrive but that simply did not happen. Long story short, I swooped up Tylus at 2:43 AM, a mere 11 hours after his expected arrival.

The day kicked off with another, yes, another VIP locker room tour of the 5-time National Champions, Boston College Eagles. We met with John Hegarty, the Director of Hockey Operations. After some Q&A and a tour of the BC facilities, it was time to come back to the hotel and get off our legs because tonight was Game #1 of the 2019 Chowder Cup vs Rice Prep.


Anthony Samarkos who is ½ of the Samarki got the start in net and did his job all night (as usual). Five minutes into game Eric Bowles threw a puck beautifully on the net from about a foot inside the blue line that was redirected perfectly by Tucker Tassone, 1-0 EDP. I kid you not. 90 seconds or so later, Ethan Dykstra did the exact same thing. He half clapped it to the net, got through some traffic, found Oliver Appleyard’s stick, 2-0 EDP.


Not a bad way to start a game. but hold that thought. Lousy defense and a lack of awareness led to 2 goals for Rice Prep. Not great and Anthony was screened.


As we know, when it rains, it pours. In the actual dying last second of the period (0.07), we decide to stop playing. 3-2. The exact opposite of the ideal.


At the break Head Coach, Nikita Alekseev had one message to relay to his team “TALK TO EACH OTHER.”


The boys did come out intense for the second and final period. Known tough guy, Nathan Bennett won the draw and we controlled the puck for a bit but once Rice Prep got it back. We made a bad change. They came down, had a good look, took a good shot, and had a good goal. 4-2.

Down but not out, we started dominating the 50/50 pucks. The Saar/Appleyard/Robbins line had a textbook rush on net. (probably out best line all night) smothered the crease and the puck crossed the line. I actually have no idea who scored it. I watched the film back and I still can’t tell. So let’s call it a team goal.

Ultimately, down one and with an empty net we couldn’t tie it up at the end, but it was a fun game to watch. As always, I’m proud of the boys.

A quick shout out to rising juniors, Brennan Robbins and Dylan Cowles, who joined the Jr/Sr team because they proved themselves worthy from their hard work and effort all year on the Fr/So squad. These two were playing kids 4-5 years older than them and fit right in as we knew they would.


EDP plays game #2 tomorrow at 5:00 PM. Tune in by following us on our LightningMade youtube channel!