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Roses are Red; EDP is Blue

By MR, 06/22/19, 3:15PM EDT


Game #3 of the NAPS Beantown. With a bit of an earlier start, the boys made their way over to the rink at 11:15 this morning for a warm-up and team meetings.


12:20 PM puck drop


Spencer Rose got the start and for the first 10 minutes was our only player that was awake. With 16:15 left in the first, we were down 1-0. Clap bomb off the left circle. Not a great start.


Right around the time the opening frame was ½ way over, we decided to roll out of bed. The boys looked sharp. They started working together and protecting the net.


Before the end of the first, EDP was able to get on the board. Jacob Sciandra nearly took the rock coast to coast. Got in the zone. MADE ONE GUY MISS. MADE A SECOND DUDE MISS WITH THE RAZZLE DAZZLE. LAYS IT OFF TO KURT D and he punches it home. 1-1 new game.


The game would go back and forth for the entire 2nd period. Spencer Rose made spectacular save after spectacular save. The kid was a vacuum. No matter the situation, he swallowed the puck. It was a fun game to watch. Unfortunately, the team in stripes tried to make it about themselves. I hate to sound like a conspiracy theorist. But there is a direct correlation with local refs and the lack of penalties on the local team.


The D bounced back from last night’s drubbing. All 5 played well and more importantly, played well together. No breakaways were given. The passing was clean. Didn’t let the other team convert while on the kill. Cowles and Jackson both took penalties for either defending our goalie or protecting the front of the net. I’m fine with that. Wise, Bab, and Pranay did their job. Anytime you only let the other team score once, that’s a good day in the office. We probably took 5 penalties that weren’t penalties and we killed all of them.

The game ended 1-1. We lost in a shootout.


We play again tonight at 7:00 PM



Top 3 Performances of the Game:


Spencer Rose – 1 GA


The Defense - 100% on the PK


Matthew Raleigh – 40 minutes of Grittyness