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EDP Falls to Power Play Hockey in Game 2

By Mike Ross, 06/22/19, 10:45AM EDT


Happy Saturday Folks,


Before we get into game 2, please look at the picture above. There is a lobster tank WITH LOBSTERS in it at a hockey rink. that is the most New England thing of all time. maybe it's only funny to me because I lived here for so long. I deemed it necessary to share. 


EDP looked to go 2-0 last night at the NAPS Beantown Tournament.


Sadly, that was the opposite of what happened. YIKES


We did win the opening face-off. That was cool. From there it was a 6-7-minute onslaught in our own end. This team had no respect for us and we just let them walk all over us.


No one was protecting the net. just watching the puck and looking at all the nifty moves the other team was making. We let two players just control the front of the net. Left Charles Garon, our goalie, by himself. Totally unacceptable. Once again, not a great start. Down 1-0 with 17:18 left in the first.


The same thing happened with the second goal. Just a whole lot of puck watching. Playing scared. Afraid to make contact.


3-0 13:43 left in one. Nobody supporting their teammates on a rush. Standing around. It was kinda sad to watch.




We started to wake up with around 5 minutes left in the first. Trace Cowart played well. Trace is an established defender but was ready to take on a different role and play up with the forwards when asked. That’s a true team player right there. The kid wants to play hockey. Doesn’t really care where. Just wants to play and help his team. You gotta respect that.


4-0 end of 1


Believe it or not we looked good in the second period. The whole team did actually. Our forwards started playing hockey. KD, Thomas Hanshaw, RichBiz, BROB, Kiriil Maslov, Matthew Raleigh, JR, and Zander Badger looked like they wanted to leave it all on the ice. once they all started backchecking and remembered they had shoulder pads on, they looked better. I saw Matthew Raleigh fighting for pucks and digging deep in the corners.  Moment of the game was when Badger tied some kid up in the corner. Got knocked over. Got up again and went after the puck again. Got knocked over and got up to go get the puck. That’s heart. You love to see that. Can’t teach it either.


We lost 5-0



In no order, My Top 3 players of the night:


Charles Garon – Only person looking to keep the other team from scoring

Trace Cowart – 200ft player, 100% of the time.

Zander Badger – He’s a Warrior