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You can't spell EXPLODE without E-D-P

By Mike Ross, 06/21/19, 4:00PM EDT


The Fr/So EDP team is appearing the in their final tournament of the year in Boston. Game 1 was against some team from Westchester.  Spencer Rose returned from the Bahamas just in time to get the start.


The boys came out sluggish which is crazy because we preached being mentally prepared at all three practices this week but as coaches, we can only do so much. 1-0 other team 49 seconds into the game.


The next few minutes was more of the same. It was 5 on 5 but the other team had the puck in our zone for about 2 straight minutes. Out of breath and gas, Dillion Cowles got called for a trip. It was a pretty soft call but hey that’s hockey.


The boys killed the penalty. Xander Wise, yesterday’s birthday boy and Matthew Raleigh were savages on the kill.


EDP didn’t get a shot on net until there was 13:15 left in the first but after a few rushes and some successful cycling of the puck. After a faceoff win in our defensive zone. Brennan Robbins took the puck coast to coast. Did a lil dipsy doo around the net. Made a perfect pass to Richard Biszant and took care of biziness. 1-1 11:40 left in the first.


With a minute or two left in the opening frame, the defense got caught sleeping at the wheel. The other team made a 75-foot pass, left Rose on an island by himself and once again EDP is down.


Unlike the familiar three-period format we are accustom to in the hockey world, this tournament is set up as two 20 minute halves. At the end of the "first half," EDP was going to have to wake up if they wanted to win this game. Spoiler Alert: They did.


You can’t spell E-X-P-L-O-D-E without EDP and that’s exactly what the boys did. They finally woke up and exploded with shots, tape to tape passes, and some good ole physical hockey


Luke Wessel had a VERY pretty goal

Brennan Robbins wrapped around the net, went bar down, and potentially forced the opposing team’s goalie to never play again.

Dillion Cowles took a clap bomb and lucky for the rink, it went in the net because if it had hit the glass, it would have shattered.

I don’t know who scored the fifth goal. That’s on me. Hand up. I’ll do better next time.

EDP won 5-2

Quick shout out to the entire blue line and Spencer Rose. Spencer let in one bad one that he wants back. He admitted it and didn’t let another one in.


Now.. for the D. Just like the rest of the team didn’t start out well. But wow. In the second and final period, they played phenomenally. Best game out of Cowles, Jackson, Wise, Babcock, and Prasana all year.  Myles Jackson didn’t land in Boston until 2 AM last night. I picked him and Head Coach, Adam Hall up around 2:15 AM. We didn’t get back to the hotel until around 3:30. Before we got out of the car, I told him to get some rest we have a big day tomorrow. “I’ll be fine coach my mom packed me some espresso.” Myles played beyond “fine” he played great. It was a great team win. I could not be prouder of this group.


Next game is at 7:40 pm tonight


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