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Inside the Medical Bag: Brett Lang

By Michael Ross, 06/05/19, 11:15AM EDT


On this week’s installment of Inside the Bag, we have Brett Lang. Just like our first interviewee, Ryan Ross, I got to know Brett by absolutely crushing JV and Varsity jamboree’s early in the fall and of course letting our fantasy teams dictate our levels of happiness.

So far, out of all the lovely trainers John’s Hopkins All Children’s Hospital has provided us, Brett has probably lived in Florida the least. Like most of us, including myself, the New Jersey native had no major in mind for freshman year of college. For Brett, he didn’t plan on a career in Athletic Training when he left high school but we’re glad it worked out the way it did.

 “I was always playing sports growing up. In high school, I played fall, winter, and spring. I was a regular athlete. When it became time to go to college, I decided to stay local, I enrolled at Rowan University. I really had no idea what I wanted to do so I went in undecided, I registered for a few classes for athletic training. I really liked it and it progressed into taking more classes and ended up majoring in it. I graduated from Rowan University in 2015 with my bachelor’s in athletic training. From there I went on to grad school at East Stroudsburg University, in Pennsylvania and got my masters.”

After finishing up school, Brett, like all new graduates needed a new place to call home and more importantly, find a career. “My friend and roommate from undergrad moved to Tampa to get his masters at The University of Tampa.

He was looking for a roommate down here. The timing worked out perfectly. I hadn’t found a job in New Jersey nor Pennsylvania yet so I decided I would move to Tampa because I had no reason to say no. As I was driving down to Florida, Ryan Ross called me and before I even got to my new home. I had an interview lined up and within the month I got hired at Johns Hopkins!”

I can relate to this process quite well. The summer after college I made the journey from Orlando to Tampa by myself and although that distance isn’t much. It was by far the hardest thing I had to do. My advice to all you aspiring college students and ultimately college graduates: become friendly with someone who owns a truck. It will make your life and the process increasingly easier.

When it comes to athletes and their bodies. So far out of all of John’s Hopkins interviews, we have seen. They all have specific advice when it comes to taking care of yourself. Although each trainer has offered different advice. Your best bet is to combine all them so that you can perform at peak physical condition when it comes time for a game, practice, or any physical activity you will do in your life. Brett’s advice to you is no different. “For athletes and preventing injuries, I preach stretching. Stretch before and definitely stretch after. Take that time to examine your body and do some maintenance on your body. If something is bugging you or if anything doesn’t feel right. Make sure you take the time to ice it when you get home and if you feel like something is wrong, tell your parents, tell your coach, and if it comes to it tell a doctor. I never like hearing or seeing athletes who come in with injuries and when we ask them about the first time something happened, or they noticed the injury they say it started two weeks ago. Two weeks ago, is when it should have been brought up.”

Brett is a great guy and I encourage all of you to introduce yourselves to all of the amazing John’s Hopkins trainers we have!