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Go EDP - Beat NAVY

By MiKE ROSS, 05/11/19, 1:00PM EDT


Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, and Lightning fans of all ages. Today marks the 31st straight day that EDP has been on the road and it did not disappoint. The Freshman and Sophomore boys flew into Detroit, Hockey Town, USA  late Thursday night. After a quick team meeting and some din-din, it was time for bed because next morning the team was in for a real treat. Head Coach, Adam Hall, had planned a trip to visit his alma mater, Michigan State University. The team got taken into Munn Arena, where the MSU calls home, they got to see the players’ lounge, and the crown jewel of them all, the locker room. Before heading out they got a chance to the VERY exclusive Michigan State Student-Athlete Only* training room. I kid you not folks. It was the size of a Costco

We said goodbye to East Lansing, and it was time to head back to Ann Arbor for study hall and team dinner.


They say you leave the best for last and in this case that was an accurate statement. The boys first game of the tournament was at 10:00 pm against the Brigade Navy Reserve, at U18 team. That isn’t a typo. We have our freshman and sophomore’s play 18-year old’s. Why? Because we are afraid of absolutely no one.


I can wholeheartedly say, we eviscerated them. 11-1.


With nine new players, it would normal to wonder how the team would play or gel after just knowing each other for 2 weeks. SPOILER ALERT, it worked quite well.


The puck dropped and the boys came out like the madmen. Every loose puck was ours and I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE. Spencer Rose got the start in net. The Berkeley puck vacuum did a phenomenal job, as usual.


Luke Wessel got the opening goal of the game in the first period and a few minutes later on the powerplay, the Brigade responded. The boys shook that goal off and responded. Luke Wessel, got his second the game.


In the start of the second, the boys were on the kill again but NO NEED TO FEAR. Luke Wessel stole the puck, nothing but space and the goalie to beat and the Manatee Admiral, got his Hatty. Shorthanded.


The flood gates had officially been opened. We saw goals from Richard Biszant, Kirill Maslov, Matthew Babcock and Matthew Raleigh (Wessel 4 goals). There were so many goals, I couldn’t keep up. Spencer did his job in the net but not without the help from his defense, starred by Pranay Prasanna, Myles Jackson, and Dylan Cowles.


“ It was a great team win, the boys have worked hard all year and we expect to see the scoreboard look like this more often.”


There was no time for celebrating, the boys had another VIP tour on the agenda (because EDP only does VIP)  Coach Hall pulled a string or two and got the boys into the USA Hockey Training Center that houses as well as prepares the US National Training Development Program (NTDP) for international play.


The boys have a doubleheader today, stay tuned and follow us on @TBLEDP