• Team affiliated with: Steinbrenner
  • Why Dan would like to be involved with the LHSHL: I believe the Lightning high school hockey league is one of the best high school leagues in the United States. I want to continue to be involved with the leagues growth to ensure our high school athletes are given the greatest opportunity to grow and improve as hockey players and in becoming productive adults but also give these student athletes the exposure to pursue their dreams of playing hockey at the next level. I have no child or relative playing in our league and as such my involvement is for all the right reason, the best interest of the league. I have coached high school hockey in the state of Florida for over 16 years and as such I believe I bring a great perspective to the history to the current and most importantly to the future of what is necessary for our league to become The greatest high school hockey league in America.
  • Dan's professional background: I am an attorney and founding member of the law of “Bubley and Bubley,PA.”, Where I have the great pleasure of representing professional athletes and individuals are experiencing problems with their personal lives. I am currently a border director of the police athletic league(PAL) and the north Tampa Bar Association.
  • Dan's hockey and hockey volunteering background: I’ve coached high school hockey for over 16 years and have established two high school teams, Gaither/sickles and Steinbrenner. I was elected the first president of the Florida high school hockey Association. I was a member of the committee representing and responsible for the merger and the establishment of the lightning high school hockey league.
  • One item Dan would like to focus on if selected: It is imperative for the long-term success of our league, that we continue to ensure consistency and viability of our current member teams while also striving to expand given the growth of youth hockey in our area so that we have more teams from the Tampa Bay area but also look to expand into other geographical areas in the state of Florida so that we have additional divisions


  • Team affiliated with: No team affiliation
  • Why Fred would like to be involved with the LHSHL: Always been a big supporter of HS Hockey and feel my background in Hockey and knowledge of Hockey in Fla would add value to the program.
  • Fred's professional background: 15 yrs in the USAF, last 27yrs Hockey Director/Coach
  • Fred's hockey and hockey volunteering background: 50 yrs in the game, last 27yrs Hockey Director and Coach at all levels (youth) in the Tampa Bay Area. SAHOF VP, coached 18AAA .Started the original HS program at ISF back in the 90's.
  • One item Fred would like to focus on if selected: 

    Focus on the structure of the EDP program and Middle school division during Spring/summer time frame.


  • Team affiliated with: Plant
  • Why Chris would like to be involved with the LHSHL: Have a freshman son playing for Plant and have another on the way in 7th grade. Think I have some good ideas on how to market and promote the league. The league is coming to a crossroad where some major decisions will have to be made on the correct path to continue so that it remains successful.
  • Chris's professional background: 26 years of High Line Automotive sales. Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and VW. 10 as a manager. Hiring and training a sales staff. also marketing and promoting the brand and dealership. inventory control and Logistics.
  • Chris's hockey and hockey volunteering background: Grew up in Connecticut and played old school Hockey at the pond at the end of our street. Last three years have done the scouting and recruiting for Dan Walls Scorpion teams.
  • One item Chris would like to focus on if selected: Moving some games to Saturday night on off weekends of U14, U16 and U18 Travel teams. This would help connect the schools with there teams and not go head the head with High School football. Also could promote hockey the same weekend at Fridays High School Football games. Student body participation is one of the keys to maintaining the growth of the league.


  • Team affiliated with: West Manatee
  • Why Bill would like to be involved with the LHSHL: High school hockey in Florida to me seems like it is on the verge of becoming larger with more players turning to high school hockey over travel hockey. I also feel that we need to recruit and retain players through positive experience. I would like to be involved in working with communities to get more young players interested in hockey and instilling the idea of playing one day for their high school. Hockey has been very good to me over the years. This is my way of giving back to the game.
  • Bill's professional background: 45 years Materials Management including, Purchasing, Inventory Control, and Logistics in a manufacturing environment.
  • Bill's hockey and hockey volunteering background: 51 years coaching youth hockey from learn to skate to high school hockey. 20 plus years of providing skills clinics for house and advanced players. President of St Francis Youth Hockey Association from 2004-2011. Board member for SFYHA 1996-2011. Centennial Hockey Association board member and coach from 1969-1984
  • One item Bill would like to focus on if selected: Taking poor sportsmanship out of high school and youth hockey. Equally, I would like to grow the high school experience for not only the players, but to the parents and fans.


  • Team affiliated with: Newsome
  • Why Mark would like to be involved with the LHSHL: I want High School Hockey in our area to continue on its current path of providing both inclusive and competitive opportunities for high school student-athletes to develop as young adults using our great sport as a vehicle by which to grow. I will advocate and work towards an ultimate goal of formalizing ice hockey as a recognized sport within our public school system. I will promote good sportsmanship in our game, and take action to minimize/eliminate elements that demonstrate trends to the contrary. I will develop and support programs that improve the degree to which the LHSHL is already a cost effective opportunity for our players.
  • Mark's professional background: I am a former Army Special Operator - I spent 31+ years in uniformed service, retiring from the military in 2010 as a Colonel. Since then, I was employed in the Defense Contracting/Consulting Industry, ultimately becoming a Corporate Vice President responsible for ~400 employees supporting various sensitive activities world-wide. I retired again last year, and am now a part-time single consultant, providing case-by-case support to special projects for US Special Operations Command. My professional background gives me useful experience in organizing groups, identifying problems, framing and communicating solutions, and executing results.
  • Mark's hockey and hockey volunteering background: I am originally from Boston, and played growing up, all the way through to playing at Tufts University while getting my college degree. I have coached youth hockey at multiple levels, and been involved organizationally in leagues here in Tampa, in Colorado Springs, Stuttgart Germany, and Fort Bragg NC. I bring background and perspective from all three stakeholder groups in our League: 1. FAMILY (two of my children were LHSHL players); 2. TEAM (I am currently Coach/Manager for the Newsome group, and have been in this role since 2012); 3. LEAGUE/LIGHTNING (I am an inaugural member of the LHSHL Advisory Council and its current Chairman, an assistant for the LHSHL EDP, and formerly a Lightning Community Hockey Program Employee - Head Coach of "Guide the Thunder" program.) This background will help me ensure that actions the League takes will be done in a manner that effectively protects the equities of ALL THREE stakeholder groups.
  • One item Mark would like to focus on if selected: Improved league "multi-tiered division organization" that promotes consistently equitable competitive levels. This will encourage greater participation, and improve our case with the school system to formalize recognition/connection.


  • Team affiliated with: Durant
  • Why Matthew would like to be involved with the LHSHL: I started my involvement in youth sports in 1990 on a whim and have enjoyed every moment since then. It was incredible rewarding then and as my own children became involved in sports, it became even more rewarding. I have one child that will be in his 3rd season with LHSHL next fall and I still have 2 more that will be involved when they are old enough. I want nothing but the best for this program which I know wants to create nothing but the absolute best program for the players involved. I want this program to not only be successful now but in the future as well.
  • Matthew's professional background: Outside of hockey, I work at a local hospital as an operating room nurse where I specialize in working with both general surgeons and a neurosurgeon. This is a second, or third, career that has replaced my previous career as a teacher. I spent 18 years in both public and private schools as a high school science teacher in both Polk and Hillsborough Counties. I also spent five years as the owner/president of a successful dog sport training center that hosted some of the biggest special events for dogs within the state of Florida.
  • Matthew's hockey and hockey volunteering background: I only became involved with hockey about 8 years ago when our oldest child started. In that short time, I have become a hockey player, parent, coach, manager, and even a referee. Prior to hockey, I had spent over 20 years as a soccer coach for kids from 6 yrs old to high school age, at various levels up to Olympic Development Programs. In my stint as a hockey coach, I have experienced recreation programs at 3 different rinks and travel hockey programs at 5 different organizations so I have seen many different perspectives and learned from some amazing hockey coaches and managers.
  • One item Matthew would like to focus on if selected: One of best things that the LHSHL has been able to accomplish since its inception is creating multiple levels of play within the organization. With the Development (or JV) League, Varsity Hockey, and the Elite Development Program, there has been a path for each and every high school aged hockey player. I would like to continue to develop these multiple levels of hockey so that there will always be a spot for anyone that wants to play.