• Team affiliated with: Bloomingdale
  • Why Michelle would like to be involved with the LHSHL: I would like to help create a better balanced landscape between coaching, player development and communication within the program.We're on the right path but there is plenty of work to be done. I feel like I could help build a solid network of communication and growth for the program.
  • Michelle's professional background: For the last 15 years I have been a stay at home Mom which has allowed me to be a team manager, PTO volunteer & home room Mom for my sons school. Prior to that I worked for Cox Target Media as Senior Account Manager for key national accounts for 11 years.
  • Michelle's hockey and hockey volunteering background: Throughout my 9 years of being involved with Youth Hockey as a team manager I've worked with USA Hockey directly on player issues and compliance. I have also created and executed tournaments from the ground up.I have worked with various teams throughout the country on bringing a higher level of competition. I have built great relationships with Coaches, Directors and Team Managers throughout the state. Over the years I have accumulated a vast knowledge of the ever changing landscape of USA Hockey rules and regulations as well as SAHOF. With this knowledge I've been able to assist parents, players and organizations adapt to the constant changes of Youth Hockey.
  • One item Michelle would like to focus on if selected: There seems to be an imbalance of player development within the league. Although we all pay the same fee, it is clear not all teams are not getting adequate coaching and development. I would like to see more accountability on coaching and training. More utilization of our Lightning Alumni to mentor our coaching staff where needed and improve the overall experience for every parent and player.



  • Team affiliated with: Wiregrass
  • Why Brian would like to be involved with the LHSHL: I would like to serve on the LHSHL in an effort to see the sport grow at the high school level. I believe we have a phenomenal foundation we can build on. One area of growth would be to take steps to recognize hockey as a Florida High School Activites Association (FHSAA) sanctioned sport. This step will give hockey it's place among other sanctioned high school sports in Florida. I believe this is the next step in bringing accountability and respect to this fast growing sport. I am passionate about helping any student athlete that would like to continue their education and / or sport at the next level. One factor I feel is important to ensure opportunities for high school athletes to be successful is accountability. Accountability in regards to grades, SAT/ACT, NCAA clearing house, sportsmanship, recruiting, game and highlight film, and safety.
  • Brian's professional background: I grew up and attended high school in Tampa. I earned a B.S from the University of Florida and a M.S from Nova Southeastern University. I am currently an educator in the Pasco County School District. I have been an educator and coach for 26 years. I teach Physical Education and have coached high school football for 26 years. I have also coached track and field for 19 years, girls basketball for four years, and competitive weight lifting for 3 years. I have organized and promoted the high school sports I have coached. Examples would include working with the FHSAA in bringing two regional track and field championships to Wesley Chapel, Florida. I have been involved with local chamber of commerce, fund raised, organized parent involvement, booster clubs, actively helped in the recruiting process of athletes, guided athletes through the financial aid process, and guided athletes through the NCAA clearing house.
  • Brian's hockey and hockey volunteering background: I have never played hockey. I grew up playing football, soccer, and track & field. I have managed my son's travel hockey team for two years. I, along with my wife, manage the Wiregrass High School hockey team. I have always been involved in his activities and this is an opportunity to continue that involvement.
  • One item Brian would like to focus on if selected: I would focus on growth of high school hockey. Growth in the form of FHSAA sanctioned. Growth in the form of developing young men and women to be successful in life.


  • Team affiliated with: Freedom
  • Why Tom would like to be involved with the LHSHL: Help the league grow. A goal is to see hockey as #1 professional sport, and that starts with our youth & growing hockey in regions (southeast) where hockey has room to grow. Make HS hockey a competitive sport where ALL levels have an opportunity to play. Promote Sportsmanship & build Leaders. Player Safety. & School system recognition as an accredited HS sport.
  • Tom's professional background: Born & raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Attended University of Dayton w a BS in Marketing / Psychology. Worked 15 years for Johnson & Johnson Corporation, 4 Years for Nielsen Marketing, and have owned my own Company for 13 years. Served on several BOD's, mostly for charity organizations. I always like to get involved.
  • Tom's hockey and hockey volunteering background: Played since age 10. Played HS Hockey for Central Catholic HS in Pittsburgh, and have played in Tampa beer leagues for 21 years. Coached Rec leagues for 3-4 years in Brandon, and Asst Coach for Freedom HS. My son played for Wharton / Freedom 2014 to 2018. After my son graduated, I still went to about 15 games this year, as I am passionate to see the programs grow. Fun to see Berkley win a few games and be competitive!
  • One item Tom would like to focus on if selected: Growth! A personal goal is to have ice hockey as an accredited HS Sport & not a Club. Would also like to see Florida born kids make it to high levels both as a player and a leader.


  • Team affiliated with: River Ridge
  • Why Kevin would like to be involved with the LHSHL: I would like to be involved with LHSHL because I think the game of hockey has some great families and I would like to be involved in giving those families a great experience when their kids join High School Hockey. Being elected would insure my passion for the game and for the kids having a positive hockey experience would help LHSHL as it grows even beyond the Tampa Bay area.
  • Kevin's professional background: My professional experience is as a Sales Engineer and Consultant within the IT arena, focusing on Data Center migrations and expansions. I do not have any professional background in hockey.
  • Kevin's hockey and hockey volunteering background: My introduction to hockey began at the age of 6 in Rhode Island. I played travel hockey from U8 to U14, and I played High School hockey for a very successful program in Rhode Island called Mount Saint Charles Academy. After High School I played for the Rhode Island Jr Reds of the NEJHL for 2 years. My coaching experience has been from U8-U18 for both Rec and Travel teams.
  • One item Kevin would like to focus on if selected: If elected, I would like to focus on the connection between the Development league and the Varsity teams. I believe the Varsity coaches need to be involved, or at least communicate with the Development coach, so the players can get feedback and work on their development.


  • Team affiliated with: Plant
  • Why Chris would like to be involved with the LHSHL: Have a freshman son playing for Plant and have another on the way in 7th grade. Think I have some good ideas on how to market and promote the league. The league is coming to a crossroad where some major decisions will have to be made on the correct path to continue so that it remains successful.
  • Chris's professional background: 26 years of High Line Automotive sales. Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and VW. 10 as a manager. Hiring and training a sales staff. also marketing and promoting the brand and dealership. inventory control and Logistics.
  • Chris's hockey and hockey volunteering background: Grew up in Connecticut and played old school Hockey at the pond at the end of our street. Last three years have done the scouting and recruiting for Dan Walls Scorpion teams.
  • One item Chris would like to focus on if selected: Moving some games to Saturday night on off weekends of U14, U16 and U18 Travel teams. This would help connect the schools with there teams and not go head the head with High School football. Also could promote hockey the same weekend at Fridays High School Football games. Student body participation is one of the keys to maintaining the growth of the league.


  • Team affiliated with: West Manatee
  • Why Bill would like to be involved with the LHSHL: High school hockey in Florida to me seems like it is on the verge of becoming larger with more players turning to high school hockey over travel hockey. I also feel that we need to recruit and retain players through positive experience. I would like to be involved in working with communities to get more young players interested in hockey and instilling the idea of playing one day for their high school. Hockey has been very good to me over the years. This is my way of giving back to the game.
  • Bill's professional background: 45 years Materials Management including, Purchasing, Inventory Control, and Logistics in a manufacturing environment.
  • Bill's hockey and hockey volunteering background: 51 years coaching youth hockey from learn to skate to high school hockey. 20 plus years of providing skills clinics for house and advanced players. President of St Francis Youth Hockey Association from 2004-2011. Board member for SFYHA 1996-2011. Centennial Hockey Association board member and coach from 1969-1984
  • One item Bill would like to focus on if selected: Taking poor sportsmanship out of high school and youth hockey. Equally, I would like to grow the high school experience for not only the players, but to the parents and fans.


  • Team affiliated with: Steinbrenner
  • Why Rodney would like to be involved with the LHSHL: As a parent of a player, I have become passionate about improving the overall quality of hockey and hockey programs in Florida so that talented players do not have to go out of state in order to have a chance to advance their hockey career (play at the JR and/or College Level). Having a quality hockey experience should also be accessible to more people than just those who can afford 5-10k or more to participate on a travel team. I believe that the LHSHL is uniquely positioned to attract top athletes by offering quality training and competition, and a great hockey experience at a reasonable cost. LHSHL can and should offer a programmatic approach that is focused on player development and advancement. I would like to contribute in a tangible and meaningful way to the realization of LHSHL's mission and vision both for my player and for the growing number of players to come.
  • Rodney's professional background: 23 years of experience in the HR/Learning and Development field. Extensive experience designing, developing and implementing policies, processes and initiatives that enable employees and businesses meet and exceed their objectives.
  • Rodney's hockey and hockey volunteering background: Parent of an '03 born player. Florida Lumberkings, PeeWee Tournament Team,  Team Manager. Tampa Bay Crunch, 14U Travel Team, Team Manager.
  • One item Rodney would like to focus on if selected: Finding ways to increase weekly ice time and practice quality for our teams so that they can be more competitive at the state / national level. i.e. Working with the rinks, generating corporate support, enhancing coach training/development etc. 


  • Team affiliated with: Palm Harbor
  • Why Rick would like to be involved with the LHSHL: The hockey community and families share a bond that I have not experienced in other organized youth sports. The opportunity to give back to the sport which has provided so many opportunities to our area youth is why I believe I can make a meaningful contribution in the areas of developing character and future leadership with the young men and women who participate. The development of this league will provide these opportunities if the league can be recognized within schools as more than just a club
  • Rick's professional background: Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pa Graduated from the University of Dayton with a BS in Electronic Engineering Technology. 40 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies in the Electrical, Electronics and Medical industries which included executive management global positions in Engineering, Product and Marketing and Operations. Owned a graphic and visual communications company after leaving the corporate environment.
  • Rick's hockey and hockey volunteering background: I have followed hockey since my youth and played pond hockey in my teens. My son is a 2003 travel and high school participant playing since he was 5 years old. We have supported teams with sponsorship when I owned my Graphics business.
  • One item Rick would like to focus on if selected: Further development of the league while also expanding communication between schools parents and the Community Hockey Management 


  • Team affiliated with: NO team affiliation
  • Why Michael would like to be involved with the LHSHL: outside of my health, nothing matters more to me than the LHSHL and the TBL. being in a position to better the league would be an honor.
  • Michael's professional background: graduated from Rollins College in 2016. worked in pro/college sports since 2014. TBL community hockey coordinator focusing on the development and operation of the JV league 
  • Michael's hockey and hockey volunteering background: got my first pair of skates at 4. level 1 USAH coach.
  • One item Michael would like to focus on if selected: Getting LHSHL games broadcasted again


  • Team affiliated with: East Manatee
  • Why Bobby would like to be involved with the LHSHL: My love for the game and all it has given me, I feel I need to give more back and working with the LHSHL would give me another opportunity to do that.
  • Bobby's professional background: I have worked for GTE, Verizon and now Frontier communications for 20 years. I work 11pm until 7am helping keep all aspects of services running throughout the greater Tampa Bay area.
  • Bobby's hockey and hockey volunteering background: I started hockey at the age of 4 in Michigan. I have played rec, AA and AAA during my younger years. I still play men's league out of Ellenton to this day. I am a level 3 coach and will be finishing my level 4 this year. I have worked mostly down in Ellenton since 2004 when my son started his hockey career. I started a grass roots program with Fred Eaton when there was an onslaught of new kids coming into the program. I have never been a paid coach, it is all about giving back to the game we all love.
  • One item Bobby would like to focus on if selected: I would like to see the focus mostly on making quality young men and women. Not everyone is going to make the NHL, but we will ALL have to coexist and be accountable for our own lives. Getting involved helps shape our youth into the leaders of tomorrow. 


  • Team affiliated with: Durant
  • Why Matthew would like to be involved with the LHSHL: I started my involvement in youth sports in 1990 on a whim and have enjoyed every moment since then. It was incredible rewarding then and as my own children became involved in sports, it became even more rewarding. I have one child that will be in his 3rd season with LHSHL next fall and I still have 2 more that will be involved when they are old enough. I want nothing but the best for this program which I know wants to create nothing but the absolute best program for the players involved. I want this program to not only be successful now but in the future as well.
  • Matthew's professional background: Outside of hockey, I work at a local hospital as an operating room nurse where I specialize in working with both general surgeons and a neurosurgeon. This is a second, or third, career that has replaced my previous career as a teacher. I spent 18 years in both public and private schools as a high school science teacher in both Polk and Hillsborough Counties. I also spent five years as the owner/president of a successful dog sport training center that hosted some of the biggest special events for dogs within the state of Florida.
  • Matthew's hockey and hockey volunteering background: I only became involved with hockey about 8 years ago when our oldest child started. In that short time, I have become a hockey player, parent, coach, manager, and even a referee. Prior to hockey, I had spent over 20 years as a soccer coach for kids from 6 yrs old to high school age, at various levels up to Olympic Development Programs. In my stint as a hockey coach, I have experienced recreation programs at 3 different rinks and travel hockey programs at 5 different organizations so I have seen many different perspectives and learned from some amazing hockey coaches and managers.
  • One item Matthew would like to focus on if selected: One of best things that the LHSHL has been able to accomplish since its inception is creating multiple levels of play within the organization. With the Development (or JV) League, Varsity Hockey, and the Elite Development Program, there has been a path for each and every high school aged hockey player. I would like to continue to develop these multiple levels of hockey so that there will always be a spot for anyone that wants to play. 


  • Team affiliated with: Jenkins
  • Why Tim would like to be involved with the LHSHL: I think that the advisory committee needs a parent involved who has a broad spectrum view of hockey across the state, age groups, and ability. I have 4 kids who play, 3 boys and 1 daughter from ages 10-16 and we participate in everything from House League to AAA travel. I want to make the help try and make the league as Legitimate as possible and take out the things that bring it down like fighting, injuries, and thuggery. I would like to see the league include Orlando if possible as well.
  • Tim's professional background: I have an MBA and a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering. I worked at General Dynamics for 2 years our of school at their Nuclear Submarine Division in Groton CT. I then worked for Ford Motor Company for ~20 years in various Product Development roles in Engineering and Finance, then I moved to Florida and worked as a Supply Chain Manager for a few years for an Energy Services company called EthosEnergy
  • Tim's hockey and hockey volunteering background: I never played any organized hockey, but played HS Baseball and Football at Brother Rice HS in Michigan which is a Catholic Prep school. Our Football Coach won the 1st ever NFL HS Coach of the Year award I believe and is a Legend. I learned a lot from him, he is a legend. I went on to play college club lacrosse at Michigan and Ohio State. As far as Hockey I have done a little bit of coaching here with the old Kissimmee Vipers to help out, and have been team manager for them, as well as for the Florida Alliance/Southeast Elite on a few occasions. I also started and Moderate the FaceBook group "Florida Youth Hockey Parents Forum" which has over 2500 members. I think having that platform and familiarity to many people and opinions helps me to understand Parent wants/needs/desires for their children's experience.
  • One item Tim would like to focus on if selected: Getting rid of dangerous play to prevent injuries. Also growing the league to Orlando if that is the desire of the ruling body.